Question on converting Windows devices to IGEL OS, what challenges, any hardware restrictions, do converter devices function the same as UD Pocket or thinclients?

So I have a question about remote access, and I’m hoping this is the right location to ask. We have a number of remote access laptops that are Windows 7, due to limitations in Windows 10 we haven’t been able to securely permit our users to utilize Windows 10.

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For some of our remote access users we are utilizing the UD Pockets, which are working incredibly well. However, the UD Pockets are for users who are using their own PCs or laptops. But, because of the coming fee for updating Windows 7, we’d like our remote Windows 7 users to no longer have access to Windows. So the UD Pocket doesn’t seem like quite the right solution as they could remove it, and that could cause a whole mess I’m not mentally willing to consider.

All of this has me wondering about the desktop converter, I haven’t used this product yet which is why I’m not sure if this is the right solution. Would the converter wipe the laptop and make it an iGel only device? Has anyone else used this for remote access? What are the challenges you face? Are there hardware restrictions as far as what can be converted? Because I have UD Pockets already out there and working, would the converted laptops basically funtion in the same way?

I appreciate any information or assistance anyone can offer me! 🙂

Yes, it sounds like a typical use case for UDC Conversion.

Basically, all features on your UD Pockets are also available on the UD Converter (it‘s more or less the same software and driver set) since they are doing the same job to run on foreign Hardware.

The UDC will not exactly wipe the current OS HDD but will delete the partition table and format the disk partially. That means, no access to Windows 7 anymore! A complete deep format would take ages on some disks…

The main difference between UDP and UDC is the license topic: the UDC is licensed to the MAC Adress of this one device. But don‘t mind, if the device breaks down, and you are still in the maintenance period, you could migrate the license to a new hardware.

That is all extremely awesome, thank you very much for your reply Sebastien! 😄 I’m excited to try UDC out in the near future.

Our remote workforce is %95 UDC devices, works exactly as it was designed. Remote access to a richer set of tools.

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