Question regarding Cleartype (Font smoothing) with RDP with IGEL OS?

I have a question regarding Cleartype (Font smoothing) with RDP. I already tried to push it out through RDP->RDP Global->Performance ->Enable font smoothing in UMS, however that didnt really help. Has anyone a better idea?

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What are you trying to achieve? Enabling it? Which Firmware version are you using?

Oh, yes, I am trying to enable it. We’re using 11.03.110 with OSC machines.

I had the issue that every user could configure cleartype but the settings were discarded after every logoff.

Additionally I had to set RemoteFX codec mode to “Optimized for LAN”.

Apparently this is a normal behaviour. Don’t ask me why. If you see another solution I’m all ears:-)

Thank you very much for the heads up, @member I will give that a shot and let you know if that helped

Ok, just got the feedback from the customer, the issue persists even with ‘Optimized for LAN’ every reconnect Clear Type is disabled again. Please see attached screenshot for my UMS settings.

I checked my config again. There are the very same settings. I’m using the slightly older FW 11.03.100 but I don’t think this makes a difference. Maybe @member has another input.

Dumb question maybe, but is the issue persisting when using a Windows device?

Fair question, but no, when using a Windows client and enabling ClearType the issue is not there, meaning Cleartype is enabled and stays so even after reconnecting

@member and @member can you share the Terminal Server / Backend infos you are using? Connection broker involved?

@member is it happening on every TS?

It happens only at this customer (small customer, only 1 TS) its a Windows 2019 TS, there is no connection broker involved.

@member Any other ideas what I could try?

I‘m not in the office for the moment, but tbh. no, but you might open a ticket, that would make more sense.

Will do, thanks for your help 🙂

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