RDP Dual Monitor not working after update

RDP Dual Monitor not working after update from 11.08.230 to 11.08.290. Session starts only on one monitor.

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Could you try a factory resest, update all profiles to 11.08.290, and reregister? Does it work then?

Hi Andreas we have the same problem after updating to 11.08.290. It only works for us when we use two monitors with the same resolution f.e. 1920×1200 + 1920×1200.

@member Both things unfortunately did not fix the problem

@member I can also observe this behavior here

So it also means waiting for an update? 🙂

Hi Andreas we have opened a ticket last week. maybe you can reference to our ticket CS0040207

Ok, thanks for the info, we will wait for upgrading to 11.08.290, until it’s fixed. Please inform us, if there is some news regarding this issue.

Is it working with the today published new OS version 11.08.330? 👀

Hi Leon, 11.08.330 fixed the problem.

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