Receive 404 error on while trying to update IGEL OS firmware

Hi all, probably I am loosing my self in a glass of water but can’t get rid of this.

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Trying to update the firmware of devices, getting a 404 error on the device, and if I go into that directory, does not exist anymore after the failed update.

And also the UMS says that the firmware was succesful. What is happening?

not sure if this should be displayed in the first screen – but i am missing the port 8443 here . do you use a profile?

Try dropping the / in the target URL

The error is showing a double slash

I would delete the FWU object in UMS, empty the trash (in UMS), check in filesystem if there is still a folder (if yes, delete it). Then check free disk space on UMS and try to redownload the Firmware Update again in UMS. If that doesnt work either, please send us also a screenshot of the folder content, accessed by a Webbrowser.

following Seb suggestion; the strange thing is that all settings also in the properties of the firmware update, are at the default; it is a fresh install of the last UMS on a Windows 2019

Done, redownloaded it, Same error …

Which firmware is on that device?


After try to do the update, the folder of the new firmware on the UMS server, disappear

Can you open a browser on the endpoint and access the directory from there? Is there a Antivirus in place?

Also, empty the recycle bin in case there is a firmware still in there

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