Receive application error when clicking “devices” on UMS Web App in version 6.07.100

Hi all, I just updated our UMS test system from version 6.06.110 to 6.07.100 and now have the problem in the webapp that I get an application error when clicking on “Devices”. The other things in the webapp look OK, also not problems so far wenn accessing using the UMS console.

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Hi Markus! How many RAM is assigned? Are the WUMS logs stating something useful?

The machine has 8GB assigned and currently are 2.5GB free RAM available. That should not be a problem.

I also found a workaround: We do not use global admin rights per user but assign all users to groups. For the user the mass device action right (don’t know the correct translation, my UMS is in german) was checked but not for the groups. I checked it for the group and the error vanished. It seems to be a problem with this specific right.

In the wums-app.err I found the following error: ERROR – igelrmserver:8443/wums-app/device-directory/allDeviceDirectories{500, wums.error.application.GENERAL_APPLICATION_ERROR, Index: 15, Size: 15, category=APPLICATION_ERROR, message=wums.error.application.GENERAL_APPLICATION_DETAIL}

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 15, Size: 15

Hi, same issue on my side after upgrading from version 6.05.110 to 6.07.110. By executing the cmd “netstat -an” I can’t see any service listening on port TCP/9200 and port TCP/9300 and I don’t see anymore the IGEL UMS Indexing Service in services.msc. It’s like the upgrade removed this indexing service. Thanks in advance for your help

error found in the wums-app.log : [2021-04-01 13:47:00.492] ERROR – localhost:8443/wums-app/device-search/search{500, wums.error.application.GENERAL_APPLICATION_ERROR, Connection refused: no further information; nested exception is java.lang.RuntimeException: Connection refused: no further information, category=APPLICATION_ERROR, message=wums.error.application.GENERAL_APPLICATION_DETAIL}

@member Salut!! Do you mean this one? @member is the device gone on your side too?

@member Yes, this one 😁

Now I have only the IGEL RMGUIServer Service

Could you restart the installation process again, and check explicitly if UMS Webapp is checked.

Installation process is processing, UMS Webapp is checked … I will keep you in touch when installation is done

Re-installation after the first upgrade resolve the issue … the needed service is present again and the Search feature in WebApp is working 😀

Maybe test another upgrade on your side and validate the “bug”

And thanks for your help and quick reply @member 😉

@member please let me know if this applies also to your case!

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