Receive Error: “AM_ERROR_AUTH_DISALLOWED_BY_SECURITY_POLICY[65269]” while connecting to Citrix vis NetScaler

Hi there, I’m evaluating a virtual Igel terminal in oder to replace our Dell Wyse fleet. Unfortunately I cannot get it to connect to our citrix farm via Citrix netscaler. I always receive the following error: AM_ERROR_AUTH_DISALLOWED_BY_SECURITY_POLICY[65269]

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Anyone out there who can help me to find the problem?

Hi Daniel, which Igel OS Version are you using? Could you try to access it via Firefox if not done before?

its version 11.04.200

thanks for the tip, I’ll try FF first

able to screenshot the error?

FF works

the Store is accessable

give me 2 mins for the error screenshot

Ok, so FF works but CWA Storebrowse not… Is there a config on NS, that sorts specific OS Versions or CWA versions, out?

Which ADC Session policy is it hitting on the Gateway?

those policies hitting the NS

first one when accessing via FF

second one via Receiver

is there any whitepaper how the session profile must look like?

On Netscaler side, no. But tbh. I never saw this specific error you got… Usually, they are missing Certificates (that’s the only thing I could share atm.).

On the other hand, before asking you to pen a ticket, you could enable Debug Logs on the endpoint and check if they contains something useful:

Parameter in the registry:

• ica.pnlogin.debug

Activate the debug output of icaconfig and pnlogin

• ica.module.syslogtheshold = 7

Activate the debug output from the Citrix Workspace app


• journalctl

• /var/log/getval_icaconfig.log

• /var/log/getval_pnlogin.log

Able to share the IGEL Profile you are applying?

Especially this part:

is it possible to activate the logging from UMS?

on the client side I cannot see an option to enable debug log

Goto System, Registry

There you should find that menu.


There comes this error

Might it be related to: MinimumTLS.

This thread might help.

I tried the setting, not difference. I have a support session in 30 min with a Igel guy. I’ll give an update when done

Ok, great! Please let us know if you need additional help.

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