Receive error “Connection refused” trying to deploy IGEL OS firmware updates via Buddy Update

Hi guys,

currently struggeling with buddy updates…

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We configured one ThinClient as Buddy Update.

On the other ThinClients we applied an “Automatic Buddy Detection” Policy…

Unfortunately we are receiving…

Checking Port 21 via probeport saying “Connection refused” on our buddy update ThinClient πŸ˜•

Ok, we found one Buddy Client which is a suitable one…

No idea why, maybe there are some specialties with Switch Config (broadcast!?)… Dunno


@member don’t forget that the Buddy scan broadcast is only available in a same network (if it might help), but if you want to debug a bit start a terminal and issue the command igel_buddy_update_server_scan to see it if the broadcast works!

It was the same subnet but the customer placed some switches he had “in stock” to extend the network on his own…

Thanks for the command that could’ve saved some minutes troubleshooting πŸ™‚

Was that error screen on the client configured as a buddy server? I would see that message on my buddy servers. Triggering a firmware update on it after the profile was applied, even if it was the same firmware level, seemed to fix the issue for that buddy server.

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