Receiving a black screen when connecting to Citrix XenDesktop on IGEL UD3

I am using firmware version LX10.05.500 on my UD3-LX 50ac and when I connect to my Citrix Xendesktop I get a blank screen. Citrix Director say that I am not logged on. Firwmare version LX10.04.100 on the same device has no issues. Has anyone come accross this issue.

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Can you send us a screenshot of your blank screen? Trying to identify which kind of blank screen you mean!

Have you tested different versions of the Receiver?

It seems you are not reaching your Storefront, does it boot correctly? Do you see the desktop with icons?

Thank you all for your replies so far. I have attached a file with screenshots with what I get when logging in to the storefront. I have tested this with different recevier versions but get the same results. @member I am getting to the storefront but it seems the XenDesktop is not provisioned as I see no entry in the Citrix Director for that session.

Did you checked your setting in this part of our config:

@member This is a common issue, when you have assigned old profiles to the thin client. I would consider resetting the thin client and configure these settings first on the thin client without an UMS. When this is working add the thin client to the UMS and create a new profile based on the 10.05.500 with no settings activated. Configure your storefront session and then assign the thin client to it. It should work now, when not feel free to create a ticket and me or my colleagues will have a look into it. 😉

It seems the latest firmware 10.05.520 resolved this issue. Thank you for your suggestions.

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