Receiving Error “SSL not trusted generic error” with internal CA on IGEL OS?

It feels like a Monday as I cannot figure this one out. We have an internal CA for issuing certificates. I have the root certificate, which I uploaded to “files” as an SSL certificate. I assigned that cert to thin client. When I browse any sites that use the wildcart cert, I am getting an “SSL not trusted generic error”. Am I missing something super obvious? I know I have done this in the past, and it was quite simple.

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can you edit the file with Notepad and check if it‘s Base64? Should start with Begin Certificate and end with End Certificate. Then, if yes, I would use Web Browser Certificate or the „all in one“ Common purpose and retry.

Hrmm – I get gibberish when attempting to edit in notepad.

Then, it isn‘t Base64. Please export it like this:

OK – I have it opened correctly with notepad, in the format you mentioned. I will try to import again.

After assigning the file to the TC, do I need to reboot, or just accept the changes?

Got it working. Thanks as always Sebastien. Was not in Base64

You are welcome Barry!

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