Receiving HTTP response code said error: response code 400 when trying to update to IGEL OS 11

Hey everyone, I want to test the new IGEL OS with a ud2-lx40. A normal firmware update from version 10.04.100 to 10.05.500 works fine. But when i want update to IGEL OS 11 I get the following message: HTTP response code said error: response code 400. What should i know befor i do a update to igel os 11 ?

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@member there will be a few more days until a upgrade firmware gets released. The only way to test now is to reimage the divice or use a UD pocket. Please have in mind if you reimage, there is no way back.

Thank you. Did you know the release date ? and with this update files i can image the device with a bootable usb stick ?

Hi, don’t know the exact release date yet. And yes!

Thank you for the fast answer!

What about license? If you update, in the future, OS10 UD devices to OS11. Do you need to buy a new license? There are update licenses? Is free?

@member I might to know, that you have to buy a new license but you get some discounts for it. isn’t it @member?

For IGEL OS 10 UD devices there needs to be a upgrade license to IGEL OS11 and that most probably comes with a cost.

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