Receiving no input from the microphone using Cisco WebEx on IGEL OS

Hello IGEL community, running into an with the mic on a USB webcam. Using a UD Pocket with OS 11.01 and a UD3 with LX 10. I have setup the USB redirection and enabled the HDX RealTime webcam redirection. I can see the video feed fine, but no input from the mic. Am I missing a setting possibly?

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Hello Robert, beside the fact that we would recommend to update to latest firmware 1104.240, how are you testing the Webcam / Mic?

Are you using a specific Unified Communication solution?

Hi Sebastien, we are using Cisco WebEx Meetings. We currently have a mix of IGEL OS versions in the field, ranging from 10.x up. I am currently using a Dell Optiplx 3020 mini with a UD Pocket plugged in and log into our Citrix environment. From there I access Cisco WebEx from a browser with both mic and camera access allowed. The webcam has a built in mic on it and I get the video fine, but the mic will not pick up any sounds.

May I ask if you could update to 11.04.240 in that case? There you could the builtin Webex Optimisation:

Sure, I’ll give that a try and let you know the results.

Hi Sebastien, I upgraded the test device I was using to 11.04.240 and still had the same issue.

I’m re-reading it… Are you able to test with a full blown Webex Client inside Citrix? Is this setting set on TS Side:

No, unfortunately the full version of WebEx is not available within our Citrix environment.

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