Receving error: “UMS Agent – Fehler: SSL Verbindung ist fehlgeschlagen” after reboot

is there everyone who knowes this error message?

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“UMS Agent – Fehler: SSL Verbindung ist fehlgeschlagen.”

We get this after boot on some Clients (in this case UD3 LX 50 FW 5.13.100) . Citrix Login works fine.

Are they some files assigned to the client (Background pictures, Certificates, etc…)? If yes, please check that they really exist (in ums_filetransfer). Which UMS Version?

no there are no files assigned to the clients. UMS Version 5.08.100

which firmware do those clients have?

Can you open a Terminal on the concerned endpoints, and check by issuing this commands:

probeport „yourumsserver“ 8443

if this port is opened?

@member 5.13.100

ahh I see it helps if you can read 😉

@member can you check also, that the issue is there after a factory reset?

is there any difference in firmware between the clients which get these errors and the others?

@member yes port is opened. Terminal says “connection successful”

Ok, then let‘s check factory reset please.

or try to re-register one client (via cmd: rmdb_register -s <server> -p <portnumber> -U <username> -P <password> -d <directoryid> -t <structure_tag>)

Did you reinstall or migrate the UMS Server since the first install?

there was no migration or reinstall.

i will try a factory reset but these clients are in our branches in diefferent countrys. so i have to order it back first 😅

Oh! Then, let‘s try another way:

Shadow to the device

Open Terminal & login as root

cd /wfs

mv server.crt server.old

Then try to reregister the client by command line (sent by @member ) or by Scanning it from UMS.

Next thing: what happens if you move the endpoint out from his directory structure, where only your Citrix Profile is applied. Does it work there?

Maybe a stupid suggestion but my experience sometimes factory reset the Igel and add it again to UMS did solve some strange things for me.

@member dank u wel, already suggested👍

Hahaha, now I see indeed, sorry, was reading on my tiny IPhone screen :man-facepalming::skin-tone-3: . I missed it

hey guys, thanks for your help!!!

@member seems to be solved with your workaround. 👍 will try it on the other clients next week!

Then, the devices have a wrong certificate… No worry, but then delete it instead of mv them. It will safe a few space in your wfs partition☺️

Happy to help!

I can’t explain why they have a wrong certificate :man-shrugging:

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