Recomendations for UMS alerting?

Good morning, I was wondering if there is something in UMS that can do any type of alerting. We would like to get notification of machines that go offline for a certain number of minutes.

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Good evening, if you are trying to use it like a kind of monitoring, unfortunately no. Can you describe a little bit what purpose you are expecting?

Could you do a View? This won’t alert you but show you the offline devices.

Could ControlUp be used?

@member Yep, with the lastest addition in v7.3 (Linux Monitoring).

Will Test in my Lab tmrw and keep you posted

I haven’t played with CU since before they added Linux support, is it agentless?

I agree with Carl.

Update on ControlUp/IGEL

CU can agentless-ly monitor any Linux OS

CU requires SSH/Bash access to the Linux OS

CU can monitor processes, disk performance and utilization right now

CU in the near future is planning to show Citrix Receiver CPU Utilization and OneSign integration

too bad 😕

I will reach out to the guys if there is a way to make this work…

“ControlUp now supports monitoring RHEL and CentOS Linux v6 and v7 operating systems.”

I got “ControlUp only officially supports a few Distro’s (CentOS, RedHat, Debian)”

Ok, I just quoted the release notes:

I know someone in CU so they are currently testing it and seeing whats needed to make it work

Is it Matan?

nah, someone else

Makes totally sense to hide it in the Agent settings when there’s no Agent needed 😂

Thx, will try again in a couple of hours

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