Recomendations to secure IGEL ICG? for example rate limiting and blocking certain IPs?

is any additional security that can be applied on the ICG? for example rate limiting and blocking certain IPs.

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i dont know about the deprecated icg appliance, but the currently used versions are just applications installed on a linux server, which in turn can be hardened / further configured (firewall etc).

Exact! The security layer we provide, is only inside our product, even on the deprecated ICG Appliance, no additional daemons like FW were enabled. We recommend though to enable them: Firewall, Rootkit Checker/AV, etc…

it would be nice though if some, lets say Igel -SE, would make an Ubuntu Tutorial 😉

Eh, I think we should leave security to the security experts. I am good with Linux and have a fairly decent knowledge of security stuff, but I wouldn’t trust what I did in all environments.

I think it is better for each company to have their security team review and configure Linux servers.

i am pretty sure, that a lot of IGEL costumers do not have a security team / expert, so a good enough tutorial would be better than none. Also looks not good if a server breach on a icg running server occurs. Are the Igel advanced services able to help such costumers?

question in regards to if an IP would to try and login into servername:8443/usg/endpoint Does the igel application know when to have the IP trying to log in locked out or disabled?

@member do you mean a kind of IP banning? Not for the moment tbh.

Not necessarily a particular IP but a user or machine constantly trying to log in

Checkout: IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) Security Hardening Best Practices – Part 1 – On-Demand Webinar –

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