Recommendation for 3 or 4 panel video card (for a repurposed PC) that works with IGELl OS 11.05.120?

Multi-panel video cards that work.

Does anyone have a 3 or 4 panel video card (for a repurposed PC) that actually works with iGel OS 11.05.120? We are a new iGel user – trying to get old PC workstations promoted to iGel devices. Nvidia NVS 510 and Quadro K600 cards seem to be challenged. Has anyone found a card that support 3 or 4 monitors in extended desktop that work out of the box? The compatibility page for video cards is worse than anemic……

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In thinking about this – second choice is loading two dual monitor cards (there are tons of them out there). Has anyone had a positive experience in this mode? If so, what were your cards of choice?

On the third hand, what happens if I break the glass and custom install the Nvidia drivers? I think I am going to hate going that route, but maybe it isn’t as hard as I think. Anyone have any battle scars to share?

Try this… on 11.05.120

Set the IGEL registry key x.drivers.preferred_driver to nvidia and x.drivers.nvidia.use_modeset to enabled then the onboard graphics ports as well as the ports of the Nvidia card can be used. Which is the recommended mode since everything is rendered on the Nvidia GPU.

Outstanding! Works like a charm. Thank you!

For others with same issue – set these registry edits, apply to device, hard reboot the device, orient and position monitors in “user interface – display”, then fine tune the alignment in “displayswitch”

Cool — Glad you are going… 😉

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