Recommendations for using RSA tokens with IGEL thin clients?

Does anyone have recommendations for using R.S.A. tokens with Igel thin clients? I know that we can use mobile, on-demand, and hardware tokens with them. However, there is a business concern (I’m not sure that I understand exactly), in which people want to make sure that people are using only company hardware for the connection/usage process, which rules out (since the users in this case don’t have company smartphones) mobile and on-demand tokens. They also don’t want to use hardware tokens. It seems that the only option left is to use the software token on a Windows thin client (or on Linux with W.I.N.E… 🙂 ), but we’re using only Linux at the moment.

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Did you had a look on the devicetrust product?

The need for separat tokens may disappear when looking at it, but it concerns the connectivity part to your VDI/Software virtualization. The RSA Token for a local recognization is quite difficult to implement

it sounds more like an endpoint control issue to me, so you would configure it on the gateway side if i am correct

Also, isn’t an option. 🙂

Thank you for the option, Sebastien Perusat. At the moment, it sounds like they probably won’t accept DeviceTrust (or probably any other replacement for strict two-factor authentication), though it does look interesting.

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