Recommendations on how to handle printing for IGEL?

Anyone have recommendations on how to handle printing for IGEL? I am unable to use a third party solution. We currently have windows print servers and thousands of printers. My initial plan was to use CUPS printing and create a template key for the printer name and a value for every printer we have. However, I am finding that this method will only allow 1 printer to be added to a device at a time and some devices might need 2 or more printers.

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Although I see you can add multiple printers through CUPS. I could potentially create multiple printers and a unique template key for each one, main printer, backup printer, printer 3, etc. However I feel like this could create an administrative nightmare having to add 3+ values every time a new printer is added into the organization. Is anyone out there currently using CUPS for printing and how do you manage multiple printers for an IGEL device?

In general, I‘m trying to get rid of local printers (at least for network ones), in some specific cases it might make sense to have it created locally and mapped but I prefer to have them managed by a Printserver and group Policies.

CUPS is cool, no question! But your described nightmare is getting real I believe if going the local way😑

You mean install the printers in the virtual desktop rather than on the igel thin client/os itself?

Yes! Right.

Ok that’s what i figured. Thanks

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