Recommendations setting up a IGEL UMS in the Cloud

Does anyone have any experience (or recommendations) regarding setting up a UMS in the ‘cloud’ (hosted outside the company network)? We are using an internal U.M.S. with the Igel Cloud Gateway, but I’m curious about this other option.

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@member and @member have huge knowledge on AWS resp. Azure. Let‘s see what they and the rest of the community have to share… I have some experience on Azure but nothing specific to share…

My main questions at the moment are (1) whether it is supported and (2) whether it works.

Yes it does work and yes it supported. I use it for my lab and for customers to test with (Azure). Build the machine install UMS, install licensing, and give it an internet accessible IP, make sure to lock it down using appropriate methods available in Azure and AWS.

Hey @member, sorry for the late response. I played around a bit with UMS on Azure and also with a hole IGEL environment on Azure. My experiences with that are not so bad so far.

@member, can you clarify and quantify what you mean by ‘not so bad’. Do you mean that it is somewhat bad, or really not bad at all? 🙂

@member Sorry, I did not express myself correctly. The UMS runs without problems in the UMS. I have used a server 2016 and also tested with a SQL-DB. Worked without problems. I have used my own network group for the UMS. I installed the ICG in a second network group. I was able to configure my test clients via the ICG.

My virtual test client (UDC) did not work that well in Azure because I worked here with an exported Virtual Box disk.

@member Thanks! Do remote shadowing and secure console also work with thin clients on a different network, or is N.A.T. a concern?

I have the same Q as @member and didn’t find the answer in the KB, the User Guide or in Slack archives.

Does UMS work with thin-clients (in my case Igel hardware) that are behind a NAT? I can put the UMS server on the internet, but my thin clients are in many different locations, all behind a NAT. Would UMS work? Or parts of it?

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