Recommended settings to get Citrix HDX to run effectively on the latest IGEL OS LX 10 firmware?

Does anyone have any recommended settings to get Citrix HDX to run effectively on the latest LX 10 firmware for IGEL? I have enabled HDX and when I try to play a locally rendered video or streaming a video from the web, the video starts clear and quickly pixelates and becomes unusable. This is not occurring when using Citrix via Mac or PC. I have tested this without HDX installed on Citrix receiver as well and have had similar results. I am trying with Citrix receiver 13.8.

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Do you have the codec pack license enabled on the Unit?

@member There is a performance issue at receiver 13.6->13.8, so you will need a newer receiver, or use 13.5 or earlier.

@member You can see the performance difference here:

It’s fixed with receiver 13.9 available in some preview igel firmwares (there should be a download link posted here in slack somewhere)

Thanks gentlemen! I beginning my testing with 13.5 first to see if I see an improvement. I am looking forward to using the new LX 10 release when it becomes GA that will include the 13.9 receiver. I will update when I have more information. Thanks again for your input!

I just attempted a test with receiver 13.4.2 and the video plays correctly with the audio synced as well. The graphics are a bit soft, but nothing like what we have been experiencing! Thanks again for everyone’s input!

@member – I believe the codec pack came with the purchase of our LX UD6 units. I will check additional settings if you have some suggestions!

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