Recommended Webcam with built in mic combo for IGEL OS?

With all this working from home and having conference calls online, we are looking for a device that will work with the IGELs and Windows 10 in Citrix for when all of this is over and board member no longer wish to come into the office for meetings. We have a list given to us by our telephone provider, but I was just wondering if there are any specific things to look out for that may cause issues or be a benefit?

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Good Morning Jonathan, just in case, are you looking for Webcam, Headset or Mic/Speaker combination?

Hi, ideally we would like a webcam with built in mic combo. But I don’t think anything is a must right now. Just looking at the options available

There, the best quality / value ratio goes to Logitech: C920 Never let me down and is compatible to 100%!

Would that help or would you like more models / infos?

@member when using the built-in mic does it pick up enough sound? For me it doesn’t and I have the same c920

I have a separate Mic, but yes, if placed over the display in a range of 40cm. I never tested it in the office but in HomeOffice it does a pretty decent job.

@member Thanks, looks like a solid choice with the added benefit of knowing it is compatible. Just out of curiosity what microphone do you use?

I‘m using a Rode Podcaster, but that‘s mostly because of Recordings and Webcasts.

This is what I have — Logitech C930e

We use the Logitech C930e webcam too and it works very smooth. For Headsets Jabra may be an option as the IGEL OS already has Jabra Xpress included to send firmware and settings updates to the jabra headset.

I second Logitech C930e. It also has the h.264 compression chip builtin to offload some of the rendering 🙂

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