Reconnecting to existing Citrix session from IGEL UDC with Imprivata is intermittently failing

reconnecting to existing Citrix session from igel UDC with Imprivata is intermittently failing. On advice from Imprivata we are running UDC 10.3.570 and Receiver 13.3.2 withe Imprivata ProveID Embedded 5.4. We have a couple of user that essentially are never able to reconnect the third time to a running session. Is this the correct channel to post such a question

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Yes, absolutely but my historical knowledge of Imprivata is limited I must admit… Using a more recent combination like 10.05, Receiver 13.10 wouldn‘t make sense?

@member isn’t 10.03.x only supported on OneSign 5.5? I’ll have to double-check the compatibility guide but I believe that is the case. Also what Citrix version? Windows 10 VDA?

We are running Server 2012 R2 VDA’s on XenDesktop 7.15 CU2. We are running OneSign 5.5 on the Imprivata appliance, but was told to stay on 5.4 for ProveID Embedded. We are open to any combination as long as we can get it work more reliably. I just had another doctor beg me to go back to Windows PC’s ….. uhg. the version of receiver we are on ion advice of Imprivata ….

Ouch always sucks when docs want it back the way it was… can you test PIE 5.5 and see if it behaves? You can copy existing computer policy to a new computer policy w/ 5.5 and assign a few IGELs to it for testing. Do you have 5.5 agent on the Servers? Do they get any sort of error when unable to reconnect?

We have similar setup to you except we’re using Horizon instead of Citrix and it’s working quite well for us.

did you end up getting resolution on this? We use Imprivata heavily so I’m curious if your issue got resolved

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