Redirecting webcam through WVD on IGEL OS

Has anyone had any luck redirecting webcam through WVD on igel? I am able to get it for traditional RDP into the VM, but not through the WVD broker. I even tried adjusting the custom RDP property of the host to allow camera redirection through powershell, but still no luck.

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Also, has anyone tried to configure a multi-button mouse to work through WVD as well?

Hi Daniel. WVD and RDP are completely different. No setting under RDP will interfere with the WVD settings.

In the current release 11.03.500 the cam redirection is not (yet) supported, see:

I see, thank you! But i noticed Mouse input is supported on WVD, does that include a possibility to configure a multi-button mouse?

What model? don’t have own experience in that.

Or if there is a model mouse that you’ve heard works with igel I will buy it

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