Restart ICG Client

Is there a command I can run to tell a device to reach back out and connect to the ICG? ICG was turned off (in azure so off at night) and one of my guys turned their device on this morning prior to the ICG firing up. Is a reboot necessary or can I just run something from the terminal?

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One of these might do it. I havent tried myself. I would just reboot it personally.

I was just looking through my documents folder for the cheat sheet, or as i like to call it, my “where the eff did that file go” folder

If the agent has timed out and given up, then you need to restart the agent. Reboot is probably the easiest for end users, but you can use systemctl to restart the rmagent service.

Perfect thanks @member. I’ll likely just tell them to reboot most times, but the situation made me curious. 🙂

You could try this:

`su user -c “export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/777; systemctl –user –no-block restart igel-icg-tray.service”`

Thanks @member i’ll give this a shot.

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