RFID reader does not always pass through to VMware Horizon VDI

Has anyone encountered an issue with RFID readers and not passing through from IGEL to VDI intermittently?

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We’ve got a few different RFID readers including Imprivata, OMNIKey and similar that are all registered in IGEL with the VID/PIDS on our Main Horizon View profile.

We have an issue where about 10% – 15% of the time when the thin client is first booted up, the RFID reader does not pass through to VDI, although we can see it listed as a device in IGEL through a terminal. If rebooted, the issue generally gets resolved, but it requires a full reboot of the thin client which is not part of our normal practice for our end users. We can recreate the issue partially, where we can cause the RFID reader not to pass through, but we have not been able to identify a resolution aside from rebooting the whole thin client.

Any advice?

I have seen the same issue with Horizon, Rone. Using 10.04.100. I assume you’re using a Type2 agent where the USB redirection is required? Horizon or Citrix? I would really like to know if we could somehow activate the Imprivata Embedded agent’s virtual channel in the Horizon client to handle the Imprivata comms vs. USB redirection, as our Embedded agent connecting to Type 1’s work flawlessly (no generic USB redirection).

Horizon. We are using redirection. And the thin client is on 10.04.100. I considered upgrading the FW for the thin clients. But I’d be looking at doing it for upwards of 3k+ devices. I’m not really sure if there’s a better solution. I haven’t found enough on this issue which gives me the impression it’s not as common.

Apparently there’s a lot of USB redirection fixes with the Horizon client in 10.05.500 so you might want to give that a shot!

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