Running UD Pocket on my Dell XPS 13 I receive two options on boot, partition 2 and partition 3, what now?

Gents, trying the UD Pocket on my Dell XPS 13. I get to the boot menu on the machine and there I see two options showing the UDP, one says partition 2 the other partition 3. Has anyone seen this? No matter what I choose the machine does not boot. Goes to the Dell Diagnostics.

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Hi Claudio, is Secure Boot and USB active in that Bios?

Maybe the version running on it is old and does not support secure boot. Could that be the issue? In that case how can I upgrade the device without booting it, like just writing a new image on it?

Just to get things sorted out, does it boot on Legacy mode? If yes, which Firmware is installed on the UDP?

Let’s start Legacy mode, if that doesn’t work, other hardware by hand?

Have not tried any other boot method. Not sure the version but the UMS that is on the partition is like 5.06.100 from 2017 so this has to be old for sure. Like close to three years old.

Is there a way to upgrade it first to the latest release, connecting it to a PC?

You could connect it to another hardware and boot it there or, if the stick is already on OS11, you could reflash it by using OSC:

Ok it booted on another machine. I got the wireless working so it has access to the internet. Is there a way to update it over the internet directly off the IGEL website /ftp?

It seems it is version build 5.7.12

No, you have to download the zip, and extract it to a local USB Storage if the UDP isn’t accessible by a UMS:

Got UMS running and updated to latest 10.X.

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