s it somehow possible to configure USB auto connect for Citrix

Hi, is it somehow possible to configure USB auto (re)connect for Citrix? Where and how can I configure it? Missing a lot of options for Citrix WSA in the Igel configuration.

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worth to check this: CONNECT: igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8GP9JHQE/p1666807896522049?thread_ts=1666793403.187489&cid=C8GP9JHQE

Again, you read my mind, because I have a customer that needs split USB audio device. 😱

Also, I would validate that USB redirection is the best resolution.


As for missing features, can you please elaborate on what is missing?

This is my first time working with Igel.

I’m at a customers location where they use Igel software on top of older Wise Thin Clients. They have several users that use a certain USB device. It works when it’s connected to the device when they open a Citrix desktop. But as soon as they plug this device in when a session is already running, it won’t reconnect again.

What type of device is it?

By default, if you have it set to “CONNECT” it will reconnect

Wise 5070

Sorry, I meant what USB device is it?

I asked the customer, it’s a Safenet smartcard device

Definitely shouldn’t use USB Redirection for that

Citrix has a special virtual channel for SmartCard devices

Yep, I know. They also tested that option

Honestly, you can flip all of those on in later versions of IGEL OS to make sure you get the right libraries loaded

They noticed that when they have a smartcard at login it works. But as soon as they swap the smartcard, the certificates from the first smart card are still shown. And are not refreshed. (should have started this thread with this info… :thinking_face:)

Odd, may be local then. Maybe look at pcscd configurations in the IGEL registry


But i can’t imagine something caches smartcard data

The whole point is that is all gone when the card is removed

Did they have USB redirection on when they saw that happen as well as the SmartCard stuff?

We’ve tried both on/off. They created a support case.

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