Scanning and IGEL thin clients?

Hi all, does anybody experience strange outcomes when scanning for thin clients? Could this be the “use TCP for scanning” option? I have a customer using 13 TC’s in his office. I can see them in UMS, they are all online and shadow-able. I even called the customer to verify they were all online and connected. They are! Now the funny thing, i hit the Scan button, fill in the the IP range and hit Scan. I did it multiple times in a row, each time getting different results. UMS found 11 – 12 – 7 – 9 -13 – 16 – 16 – 11 – 10 – 8 … this is without the TCP option … with the option enabled i consequently get 16 TC’s 🙂 i’ve probably hidden 3 under a desk somewhere but i cant remember 🙂

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Are you scanning the whole subnet or just some of it?

What version of UMS?

i’m currently using UMS 5.08.100 and i was being thorough scanning the full IP range x.x.x.0 – x.x.x.255

There is a slightly newer version of the console (5.08.120) but there is no indication that this version will resolve that issue.

@member try to increase this value:

Thanks for you input guys! I upped the timeout with 10x the default value and now it seems i get consistent results. Scanned 5 times, finding 9 clients each time.. still not the result i was expecting but at least its consistent 🙂 I’ll try to up the timeout even further see what happens.

Scanning with 120000ms, the results again gets erratic. I found 11 – 9 – 9. Still haven’t found 13.

It seems the option “Use TCP for scanning” is needed to get good results. At least in our environment. I will see if the UMS version changes anything about this. Thanks for your suggestions guys!

might be some broadcast filtering on your switches causing this

Can you tell us a little bit more about the network? What is between the UMS Server and the clients?

I’ve always ticked use TCP for scanning and never had a problem (I generally like to know my packets got there instead of shouting into an abyss 🙂 )

You’ve got a good point there Steve. I’m not much of a shouter myself 🙂

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