Screen issue in Citrix session, they get scrambled screen on IGEL OS?

Hi all, we have a customer with a screen issue in citrix session, they get scrambled screen (see screenshot)

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Hi Sander, which kind of Devices are concerned?

I would disable the h264 if enabled and retry:

If we should speak about devices with a Intel GPU, try UXA instead of Automatic:

its both UD3 and UD6, using one or 2 screens also

Ok, then, let‘s focus on UD3 and please check the h264 setting. So it‘s happening on Single and Dual Screens, right?

yes the UD3 has one screen, and the UD6 has 2 screens, both have the same problem

Did you checked the h264 setting sent before? You could also play with this settings and retry:

We have asked to test the h264 setting, problem is that the device is used by the customer so we have to wait for an answer 🙂

Ok! Got it! Keep my fingers crossed👍

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