How to install a Firefox add-on/extension on Igel?

Hi Everyone

Does anyone have instructions on how to install a Firefox add-on/extension on Igel?

Hi, didn’t tried it for a long time, but this might help:

Thanks Seb I believe this method doesn’t work anymore, I tried it before. But i’ll give it another go just in case.

@member can you send me the Firefox extension/add-on you want to install, then I can test it in my test lab.

@member thank you, that’s the one

I guess I have my answer

@member I ́ve tested a bit for you and have a solution for you. It ́s similar like the thread linked above. Just copy the following command in your IGEL profile under System -> Firmware Customization -> Custom Commands -> Desktop -> Final desktop command:

“`sed -i /services/fbrw/firefox/distribution/policies.json -e ‘s#BlockAboutAddons”: true#BlockAboutAddons”: false#’

sed -i /services/fbrw/firefox/distribution/policies.json -e “s#igel-element_closer.xpi”#igel-element_closer.xpi””

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