Setting up SCCM Add-On, ICG connect goes in and out wouldn’t register to UMS

We’re setting up our SCCM Add-On today, it came with OS 11.03.580, ICG connect goes in and out wouldn’t register to UMS. The kb wasn’t clear where to obtain later version of IGEL OS binary image. Please help!!!

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Hi Justin. This might help on other FW

What source did you configure to store the FW image for endpoints connected via ICG?

The ICG isn’t designed to handle FW updates through itself.

Have a look at this guide

I’ve already gone through both of those 2-3 now, there’s no clear information of the OS binary are instructed in the KB above how to create or obtain it. We uses a pair of HTTPS repo for our clients to pulls FW through ICG. I would like to keep our SCCM PXE boot image as up to date as possible so when it gets provisioned and deployed to the end user it would be plug n play. In my testing today it took a good 12mins, sometimes it requires a couple factory reset to get it to image properly and registering to UMS.

@member so you mean the ISO itself – – go for OS11 / OS Creator (Former UDC…) and choose the ZIP file.

We went through all the workspace one OS files and extracted. Only find a few small binary files that can’t be the 2gb iGel OS binary.

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