Setting up sFTP for universal updates on the UMS – can’t log in after opening port 22

Setting up sFTP for universal updates on the UMS. I cannot seem to get it to log in after opening port 22 for ssh for this purpose. Has anyone else come across this issue?

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You mean from a Putty to an endpoint behind ICG? or through Secure Terminal inside UMS?

From inside the UMS

And what are you trying to achieve exactly through sFTP? Can you share a few screenshots?

Setting up Universal Firmware Updates in the UMS.

But may I still ask why and for a few screenshots? Because the UMS already brings everything in it (like also described in the Doc, I sent just before in the other thread). The UMS brings a Webdav server with it for internal LAN devices, but you want to use FTP instead?

The set up that I’ve been asked to deploy has the ICG sitting in front of the UMS. Say a user that has IGEL OS ver X and the Profile says to update to ver Y. I will need to pull it from a repository. Client connect to the UMS via through the ICG. How does the update get to the client in this configuration without a repository or access directly to the UMS?

Here is what I am looking to configure.

That’s up two topics in one.

1. the profile firmware version doesn’t mean that the device has to have the exact same version. We recommend to have both on the same level, but settings would be pllied to 99% even if the versions differ

2. like we wrote in the other thread, Fimrware Updates through ICG aren’t available atm. Changing the protocol to sFTP would not change that behavior. You have to set up a public FTP / Web Server for that

Thats a third one… Here you creates a kind of mirror, where a newly downloaded Fimrware file (through right click on Universal Firmware Updates, Check for newer…) would be transferred to.

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