Several IGEL OS 11.05.120 devices crashing with error message “system memory low”

on 11.05.120 we have several devices crashing citrix with the message system memory low …

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Which kind of devices, how many RAM is mounted and.. are you using Teams as a CP or in VDI?

we use the Lenovo ThinkCentre M625q with 4gb Ram

no Teams

only Zoom in VDI

Same here:

Saw this thread – we are using teams with enabled HDX redirection and HP ProDesk 400 with 4GB SSD RAM

Are you both using a Browser to access the resources?

well in my company we only use the igel browser to connect to Citrix everything else is done in the VDI environment

we have the Zoom Media Plugin activated in Igel but not the Teams one

Could you try to use the CWA Storebrowse / Selfservice instead, just for testing? The local browser is getting more demanding on RAM, apparently…

We’re using Citrix Workspace App instead of browser/HTML5 client.

ah yes the firefox browser opens up the Workspace app for us as well sorry if it sounded different

@member so, to be clear you don‘t open a Browser to access your citrix resources, right?

@member could you try without Browser?

Yes, after booting the client, the CWA comes up. No browser enabeld in IGEL UMS.

What we’ve seen is, that the issue occurs only on the remote clients. So any client with the issue conntects per CWA to Citrix netscaler.

We have 50 internal clients with IGEL OS 11.5.120 with no issue.

The only change of both clients is the url to connect to the citix-farm (remote over netscaler / internal directly to the storefront)

A collegue has opened a Citrix session without doing anything in the session, and the wfica_orig process uses 37% of RAM. (see attached top output).

Can confirm this, have aswell 11.5.120 and the wfica process seams to have a memory leak. You can watch it increasing. When having multiple sessions open time to crash is much less with 4gb memory 🙂 Seems like a citrix workspace issue not igel or?

@member thank you!! Did you tried to switch the CWA version?

Some more screenshots

@member are you using a UC solution on TS Side?

Yes, MS Teams – aswell we have HDX Multimedia redirection activated

very interesting informations, I just changed the Workspace version from standard (21.03) to 20.12 … will see if it fixes the memory leak

We’ve now changed also to 20.12. So last 1h no issue – we will wait till tomorrow. Hope it fixes the issue – and if so, HDX-Redirection for MS Teams still working with CWA 20.12 😇

So far with CWA 20.12 it seems to be stable. Today we will test the HDXRredirection for Teams and give you feedback.

Yes, HDXredirection works also with CWA 20.12. And so far (5h of testing) no disconnections nor memory crashes of wfica_orig appeared. Using CWA 20.12 fixed the issue.

no report about crashin on our side as well yet

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