Shadow an IGEL OS via IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

I have UMS at the latest version, I have ICG at the latest version. I am trying to shadow an iGEL via ICG. I send the shadow request. The iGEL gets the shadow request and the end user accepts the request. UMS receives an error. VNC Desktop Error: Connection was closed by VNC server.

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Hi John,

Are you using the ums console from the ums server itself or from a different machine ? what’s the IGEL OS firmware ? Are you trying to use shadow or secure-shadow ?

From the UMS console on the UMS Server

how does one setup secure shadow

Here is what I have configured

Which IGEL OS version ? are your devices correctly licensed ?

the IGEL OS is on 11.03.580.01 and I am using the Enterprise Management Pack license

which ports need to be open on the firewall for secure shadow

the required ports are listed on

Thanks Ruiny, Even through we have ICG setup and Port 8443 (which should be the only port we need open), We are seeing port 30005 being blocked.

Can you do everything else with your ICG connected devices, send profiles/reboot/send a file/etc ? Also just in case, check the time on the end user device & ICG, make sure it’s right.

Did you use the external & internal IP’s when creating your ICG cert or only the public IP ?

Yes, I can reboot, push configurations, send files, Push firmware updates, etc.

for the cert, I used the Public IP

for host (External) and internal IP for Host

Just to test, if your UMS can reach the external IP try reinstalling the ICG with a certificate only containing the public IP

I can shadow the iGEL connected via ICG using the new UMS Web App. I just not able to shadow the iGEL via UMS Console on the UMS Server.

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