Shadowing is enabled on IGEL ICG but the option is still greyed out

Recently upgraded to ICG 2.01 and want to test the shadow ability with remote TC’s. I have applied a test profile that has shadowing enabled, however the option is still greyed out. Any ideas?

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Hey @member, I believe this functionality is in the new IGEL firmware release, but let me validate that real quick.

Ahh! OK – let me upgrade a lab unit real quick.

Yes, it should be in the latest OS 11 and OS 10 firmware releases

Thanks for confirming. I updated a test TC, and shadowing is no longer disabled.

However it still does not seem to work!

After a reboot, the shadow option is greyed out again…..

Did you add the registry key to the device?

Adding now, and rebooting.

Yup – still greyed out.

Did you set your client to secure mode ? this is a requirement to shadowing through ICG

I missed this in the release notes.

UMS version. We are on 6.01

I will upgrade UMS after lunch

ah yes, sorry, I forgot it required the latest UMS as well.

No problem. Thanks for your help so far!

FYI, tested this and everything is working! It’s awesome to see the Shadow option available when you right click an ICG device

Congrats @member!!

Thanks! Also note, there’s been mixed results of various ICG setups when updating (using the appliance versus running a ‘vanilla’ Linux distro, etc) It would be great to hear your results as you go through this! Here’s the official KB doc (thanks @member!)

Confirmed shadowing is now working with the updated UMS.

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