Should we upgrade to newer versions of IGEL UMS if we have older (5,6 year old) IGEL devices?

We all know that IGEL hardware is very stable and IGELs will become over 6 years old without making any trouble. In the matrix where is indicated which TC modell is compatible until which UMS Version some of our ‘old-boys’ are no more compatible with the newest UMS ??? Does that mean: As long we have these kind of old TCs online we cannot /should not upgrade to newer UMS Versions?? Or if we do it anyway, in what troubles can we be in afterwards with these ‘old-boys’ =;-))

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That is a great testimonial👍

From a Sales perspective, replace every older device by a new one! :star-struck: Just kidding…

We are saying that some features will not be supported if you open support case, in 80% everything will work from my experience but that needs to be tested! Pay specific attention to the SSL Ciphers section in our UMS Administrator tool, and keep in mind that older SSL / TLS Versions are not supported anymore, you would have to enable them:

+ you have to enable TLS 1/1.1 on the tomcat server for V4 devices

Wow….I’m new in this slak Igel community and already impressed about the speed an expertise of your answers. Thanks a lot.

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