Since updating UMS, can’t connect to UMS via console or Web App

Hi everyone, i have a very strange problem (again)… since running a UMS-Update (which went fine) to the latest version on our Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server earlier today, i can’t connect to our UMS via UMS-Console (Web-Console also not working) anymore (unknown user/password).

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I’m using the embedded DB with a local user (no domain/LDAP)

Connecting to UMS-admin on the same VM with the same credentials works fine though.

I tried updating Ubuntu and rebooting the VM (that fixed the same problem in October for me) but i still can’t Login anymore.


Maybe firewall?

sudo ufw status

sudo ufw default allow outgoing

sudo ufw allow 8443/tcp

No Firewall running at all…

humm… Maybe try one more reboot? 😉

How much RAM to you have? My VM I have 12GB RAM

Also running 12GB…

I made a VM-Backup before updating, think I’ revert to that for now.



Is there any way to look at this problem in more detail in the terminal?

eg looking into logfiles or watching the process via tail?


had exactly the same Problem (after reverting to my last backup) with Igel UMS 6.06.110 after updating and restarting Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS to latest patch-level… another reboot of the VM fixed it though.

Very strange problem…

For the Log files — Check out the following –>

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