Single Sign-On (SSO) via RDP on IGEL OS

Hello everybody, we have a problem with the single sign-on connection via RDP to a VM. The UMS console is connected to LDAP (eDirectory) and Domain Services for Windows (DSfW). The connection to the domain works without any problems. The problem is the connection to the VM. This works, but apparently the wrong username format is being passed through. The format for RDP login via SSO looks like this “DomainnameUsername@Domainname”.

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The logon works with this, but we use the Novell Client + ZENworks software distribution on the VM. The registration will not be processed there in this format.

How can I prevent the @domain from being used in the username?

Thanks in advance

Hello , just to get you right, the issue is on UMS server side or on Igel OS side?

Hello , I’m not sure whether the RDP setting or Active Directory / Kerberos settings are responsible for this. That’s why I posted it in the “igel-os” channel.

No, I meant: we are speaking about the following:

Igel OS device=>AD Login => Passthrough RDP


Ah sorry exactly, Passthrough RDP

Then, you might try this Registry Key: disabling.

That was the solution. The problem took me several days. Thank you so much. 🙂

Happy to help!!

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