Slow login times on IGEL devices?

Hi everyone,

We have a little issue according pass through login time to our terminalserver farm. We administre about 160 igel TCs from different generations. Especially V5 TCs (V 5.12.100 or 5.13.110) need sometimes about 3 Minutes before initializing the RDP-session to our 2012 TSfarm. Our V10 Clients ( v10.03.110- 10.05.500) are working fine. Normaly the login takes about 30 seconds. What can we do to fix it?

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Any ideas appreciated 😉


are the v5 / v10 devices on the same network and in the same UMS folder or in different ones?

Can you especially check if the DNS/NTP/Active directory servers (DCs) that you used on v10 are 1:1 present on v5?


and thanks for your reply:

1. They are in the same network on the same switch.

2. They are in different folders because of their different features in V5 and V10.

3. all entries according NTP/AD/DNS are equal.

Great! How is the clock performing? I mean, is it the same between the local and the AD one? What happens when checking Logs, like: /var/log/krb5.log or dmesg | grep krb5

I’ll tell you tomorrow, today no more chance test this 😉 cu Jörg

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