Solution to suppress these dialogs in Citrix Workspace App 20.12 and 21.03!

I found a solution to suppress these dialogs in CWA 20.12 and 21.03. Its simple but we need to add this to IGEL OS (I will send it to our PM):

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You need to edit this file: /userhome/.ICAClient/All_Regions.ini and change these parameters

For dynamic drive mappings add a star “” to DynamicCDMDirs= so that the line is now: DynamicCDMDirs=*

For static drive mappings (for the first 5 drives) you need to add also some stars to the parameters.

Both you can see on my screenshots, I append. I will send this info to our product management so that they can solve that.

You don’t have a profile to apply this workaround by any chance? ☺️

no, thats not possible with a profile, I have changed it directly on the device and only created a copy job for every boot on the final desktop which copies the file from /wfs to the right section

When you use a „Before Desktop“ command to manipulate the ini File?

Iam doing this for Imprivata.conf:

This is only a workaround, I would never use that in production. I have send that to our product management and it will be included into our OS and starting with a PB.

I‘m in contact with Citrix CWA Linux team about the issue. They are stating „The dynamic mapping works as-is. No change or restrictions to it.“ That’s definitely not what I see on IGEL – if this statement is true, there has to be some sort of bug in the IGEL OS. @member

Thats clear, IGEL OS is a ready only OS

So they say: its not a bug its a features. If you dont want to allow access to the file system in general you need a policy for that but with that new function Citrix crashed our policy

Maybe you guys from IGEL and Citrix should connect directly to discuss the issue and solve it for the customers. I‘m happy to introduce you to each other 🙂

The solution is clear now

Our PM know it and it will be solved soon

with 11.05.120 the HDX File access dialog comes directly

yes, you can solve that with my fix or use the do not ask me again


Firefox makes no difference

Hi Lars. Did you know if the PM as added the workaround in 11.5.121?

No, unfortunately it is not included till now – they are working on that

Hi, i am executing following command as custom command “after session configuration”

`sed -i ‘/DynamicCDMDirs=/cDynamicCDMDirs=*’ /userhome/.ICAClient/All_Regions.ini`

it adds the * at the end of the line but has no effect in the citrix session (im using dynamic mapping). did anyone has the same issue?

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