Some devices that we have converted to IGEL OS that will just not register with UMS, any ideas?

I have a handful of devices that we have converted to IGEL OS that will just not register with UMS. I have removed them from UMS as well as the licensing portal. Scanned for them and when I try to scan the device and import, it says Certificate stored (yes) and I get certificate invalid and the device shows up in Devices but is black. Any attempt to manually license the device shows that it is already licensed from this pack. Im sure that the licensing for the MAC is stuck somewhere or something simple but I can’t get them registered. Any ideas?

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have you tryed to remove them at the domain?

I have removed them from there using Remove Hardware which takes them out of that list. Then when I look in Show Hardware, the MAC is there but it does have an X beside it.

I just realized this is in the igel-os section and not the igel-ums. Sorry!

@member could it be that you have more than one UMS in place? When you open the local Igel Setup, System, Remote Management, what Server stays there?

It is showing the correct IGEL UMS server IP address. We had an old UMS server about a year ago but it has been long deleted. Also, when I click on the information tab, it shows the RM server but has a red X by it as if it can’t communicate to it.

The old UMS server was just a POC and this device was never connected to it.

Can you reset that devices to factory defaults and retry?

Add a Terminal (Igel Setup, Accessories, Terminal, +, save).

Login as root

enter the command


and check how it goes after a reboot?

I did reset it once by pressing escape during boot but let me try this.

Should do the same tbh… What happens when issue a ping igelrmserver in a terminal? Which IP is shown there: old or new server?

Can ping the ums server from the terminal and vice versa

let me check in terminal, sorry. I did it from network tools

Pings successfully and returns the proper ip address

so, igelrmserver is resolvable with new server IP, right?

That is correct

Ok, then, in a terminal:

more /wfs/dhclient- Press the Tab Key for autofullfill

Search for an entry

option igelrmserver

Which IP stays there?

more /wfs/dhclient fails saying no such file or directory

can you issue

ll /wfs/

and check if there isn‘t a dhclient* file?

is that 2 pipes? || /wfs/


l like list

I do not see that option there. I believe that is referencing adding the option to the DHCP settings for the IGELRMSERVER correct?

If so, my understanding was that this was an optional method of auto registering the clients

And we have not used that method

Right, I wanted to check if there is maybe an option 224 set up. That would have explained the behavior (at least a bit).


Let‘s sum up:

Old server: is shutdown and not reachable anymore. Right?

So a ping to the hostname you found in Remote Management in Igel Setup gives no response. Right?

A probeport hostnameOldServer 30001 neither, right?

After the factory reset of that device (where we are looking at), you have still the old Servername in Remote Management?

Last thing: which firmware / device are we speaking about?

The server that was list in Remote Management was the correct one. The old POC server was decommissioned and removed from the network a year ago after we finished with the POC. The current firmware on the client is 11.03.500.01.

Ok, sorry, misread your post. Would you be able to give me a Teamviewer access? As PM…

One moment please. Let me try something really quickly.

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