Some users experiencing increased disconnections from Citrix Virtual Desktops

Hello everyone, we recently updated a couple of UD2-LX 50s from 11.04.200 to 11.04.240. Since then, some users have had increased disconnections from a virtual Windows desktop (Citrix XenDesktop 1912 LTRS CU2). Before the update and afterwards we use the Citrix Workspace app 20.09.15. Even if we use the Workspace App 20.10.0 we have the same problems. Unfortunately, the Citrix Director does not display the exact cause of the error. Here is a screenshot from the Citrix Director. Does anyone have an idea that could help us? Thank you

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Hello Oliver, it might be related to that issue:

### Audio

Fixed a sporadic aborting of an application on closing ALSA Pulse PCM. The

problem concerns only applications using ALSA API directly, like Citrix


Added debug output to the ALSA Pulse PCM which must be enabled by the

environment variable ALSA_PULSE_PCM_DEBUG=1, the debug output is collected

then by the system logging facility (journalctl).

and is described in this long thread:

I will PM you the Private Build!

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