Sometimes users can’t hear phone calls through Jabber (volume is muted or too low) on IGEL OS

I’m not sure if this is the correct place, but it seemed to be the best to fit my question. Information: IGEL UMS. Profiles – Sound. Our users will sometimes log into a vid, and then take phone calls through jabber. They will say they cannot hear the customer. All the settings in Jabber are correct. The problem child is the volume on the IGEL OS. The icon will either have a slash (mute) or the volume is down really low. I looked in the hot keys commands and nothing is associated iwth Volume down, up, or mute. It just has X86Audio under Key. Is there a configuration issue, is a user changing this on their own? We basically don’t want it to ever mute or go on low volume. How can we lock this? Thanks 😄

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This thread fits even if #igel-os would fit too 😄

So, basically, they might be different ways:

1. Preset the Volume via Profile:

2. Disable the volume Mixer in IGEL OS

Would one of this ways work?

If you need Jabber, I was thinking … Would that setting help?

On Setting Volume remotely:

I’m not sure yet. I think disabling it would be an issue if we don’t test that the volume will stay and not be muted. It would stink if we applied that then disabled access, then we couldn’t fix it since it is disabled. A part from unapplying the profile. I will have to check these out. Thank you for your suggestions.

I don’t lock them out, but I do preset the volumes as per the above “remote volume settings”. User can still modify, but reboot brings it back to the presets. So a bit of flexibility.

I also unload the pulse audio “module-streams-restore” module because of suspected issues.

@member How (where) do you unload that module?

@member First, there seems to be two of you – is that a community issue?

No, it’s because I have two accounts – one is my personal, and one is my work (I work for IGEL).

I’ve put together the attached document, explaining the rationale, commands, and testing. The short story is this command run as user:

pactl unload-module module-stream-restore

v0.2 already 🙂 – fixed “muted” to “un-muted” in explanation section

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