Sound output is not owrking on some IGEL OS devices

Hi everyone, we sometimes have IGEL Clients that dont have any sound output, no matter what configuration we use/change. When we reset the client to factory default it usually works again, but sometimes it doesnt. Is there anything we can do in that instance? Or do we have to replace the client?

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Hi Ian, which Firmware / devices are you using? Just in case, how ar e you testing the sound when you say it doesn’t work?

Hi Sebastien, the FW is IGEL OS 11.03.587, and we usually get tickets from users that the headsets theyre using no longer works. When they test it with other headsets/users it still doesnt work, and when using the headset on other clients it works again.

Again, this is just the feedback from normal users, so the validity from these answers is not set in stone

Thank you. But if they states that the headset doesn’t work, did they tried locally here, if not, does it work there?

Mh. they definitly didnt try that yet, i’ll ask them to and report back once i have some information!

We’ve seen similar situations, and deleting /wfs/user/sound and rebooting helps sometimes, basically to reset the user sound settings.

Hi, were would i find the path that you wrote? Do i see that in the UMS?

It’s in the filesystem on the thin client. You can SSH in or use the Secure Terminal on it from the UMS console.

Btw, the user tested out the audio on the thinclient and it works again, according to him. Also, the Headset itself was functioning but the audio output from the client itself didn’t work, so i guees testing the audio fixes that?

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