Sporadic issues of users unable to to make calls with Jabber on IGEL OS 11

Firmware: 11.04.130/240


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Can anyone point me to some good documention on jvdi and citrix. We’re experience sporadic issues of users unable to to make calls due to CTI not connecting. Telecom has made corrections on the SIP profiles but the issues continue to occur. i’ve attempted to restart the vxc service while users are connected to the hvd without success. I’m not entirely sure what I should be looking for on the igel side.

Beside the fact that I always would recommend to allign the JVDI Versions between Endpoint and the TS Side, this Doc helped me a lot:


Are they firewalls between the endpoint and your Call Manager / Citrix workers?

Beside that, the Debug informations of JVDI on endpoint are quite helpful:

/var/log/cisco from what I recall.

I remember going through this before we did our first round of deployments, but i’ll go over it again.

all versions are matching at this point windows firewall is enabled, but we have the same firewall policy applied on local workstations with the same jabber version.

i’ll start pulling those logs

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