Steps that we need to perform in order to upgrade from OS10 to OS11?

Hello – A few questions about licensing OS10 to OS11 when prepping for an upgrade:

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1.) From a licensing standpoint are there any additional steps that we need to perform in order to upgrade from OS10 to OS11? For example, if we were to upgrade a licensed thin client from OS10 to OS11 would the new OS11 thin client auto license itself?

2.) If additional steps with licenses are required can you please explain what needs to be done? For example, if we proceed converting OS10 licenses to OS11 are the new OS11 licenses backward compatible with OS10 so that the thin client remained fully licensed until we are able to complete the upgrade?


Hello Alexandra, it depends a lot from which kind of devices/licenses you are coming from.

If you already have MMCP licensed, it gets easier. Usually, I would say that an Igel sales rep. should guide you a bit since (s-)he knows exactly what you ordered. Let‘s start with a few articles:

Its good to see this question. We are building an additional team in IGEL to help on migration, renewals and customer success. So it’s good to know we are putting resources in the right places for our customers.

Thank you both for your answers. We just renewed our licenses we have UD3 iGel devices. The only answer we got so far from our rep is this “For UDC licenses because you purchased them with maintenance, it’s actually a free upgrade. The maintenance will just carry over.” I have asked for further information and I am waiting to hear back.

What helps us a lot (resp. your rep) is an extract of the UMS. With that she/he has all information about your current environment. With the video attached you see how to create one.

Thanks for the video! She does have all the data, like I said we just renewed the licenses. I am just trying to understand if we can upgrade OS10 to OS11 without having to do anything else on the licensing side.

On the license side you should convert your licenses to Workspace Edition, like described here:

If you have MMCP licensed already for your devices, it’s pretty straight forward.

Next thing, if not already done, you could automate then the license fetching by ginving the UMS Server the ability to grab licenses from license portal:

Hope that helps a bit!

Yes, thanks Sebastien!

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