Storage hotplug and mapping the mass storage into our Citrix session doesn’t work

Hello Slack community,

we work with the storage hotplug setting and map the mass storage into our Citrix session. This works fine. Unfortunately only if we have already plugged in the USB storage device before the Citrix login. If we only connect the USB stick after the Citrix login, it will not be mapped. Does anyone have an idea how to map mass storage in a running Citrix session?

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Thanks in advance.

Should work for running sessions too. What FW/CWA you are running?

Okay, thanks Rene. if you mean the firmware,

USB Access Control might interfere. What did you configure there?


Well there you‘re blocking mass storage. I‘d recommend to remove thise entries. Also default Allow rule I would not recommend and if you do so the explicit Allow entries are not necessary.

Just turn it off completely.

Thank you. It was due to the UUID, if we go through the Vendor and Hardware ID, the mapping works perfectly

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