Strange dropdown menu/right click contextual menu behavior? with Dell Latitude E55xx series laptops running IGEL OS

Lets talk about touchpads on Latitude E55xx series laptops. Anyone else experiencing lots of pain with these due to over sensitivity and strange dropdown menu/right click contextual menu behavior?

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I have a latitude, not sure on the model, that I was testing with last week that was pretty touchy. Most of our staff that use them on a regular basis are using an external keyboard and mouse, so haven’t have any complaints about them.

Yeah. We are divided. Half of our Latitude users work in nursing carts with tethered mice and keyboards so they arent an issue. The other half however, tote the device around and use as is with no tethered peripherals so for them its really bad.

We had the same issue. We IGELed about 120 Dell Latitude 3390s and had major complaints of the mouse jumping all over the place due to the sensitivity of the touch pad. We created a profile that sets a custom configuration for the touchpad.

We have the same problems on an HP mt21 and mt44. I think it’s a driver/OS issue bc we didn’t have the same problems when they were running Windows 10 IOT

I semi “fixed” the sensitivity issue by disabling the trackpad while typing using a script. This hasn’t addressed the left click/context menu issue yet but I am starting to think this might be an application at fault and not the IGEL OS.


We fixed this by telling it to use another driver. Give that a shot. For what it’s worth we found that by imaging one of the Dells with Ubuntu and looking at the drivers. Weren’t the same, swapped them. Works well and don’t get any complaints any longer. I believe it is working on the HP MT models too as we didn’t hear any complaints. What Stephanie said above is funny, our problem list had it named “jumpy mouse issue” haha. Hope this helps.

We put that command at Custom Command – Base – Initialization

Thanks for this! I will definitely give this a go.

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