Streaming audio on IGEL 11.05.100 stops until user logs off and back on

Hey everyone. Has anyone run into issues with streaming audio and IGEL 11.05.100? We recently updated from 11.03.530 to address some security issues and now we are getting complaints that conference calls and streaming services like iHeartRadio and SiriusXM quit playing audio and the client will no longer play any audio until the user logs off and back in.

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Hey Ed, just to be sure, I would like to ask a few questions:

1) which kind of Audio Devices are you using for Playback?

2) does it work if you test the device locally (s. attached file)?

3) which kind of Unified Communication are you using?

4) are you using Native USB Redirection? If yes, what is the Default Rule Saying?

Hi Ed, yes, we are currently experiencing an issue with random loss of system audio. ITRS#2020101610001671. Our Skype calls continue to work as they are using RTME channel. It doesn’t seem to be an IGEL issue as we can reproduce the behaviour using our VDIs from Citrix Workspace for Linux on an off the shelf Ubuntu device. As well as IGEL, we have cases open with Citrix, Microsoft and BT who provide our Skype service and we are working with them daily on this right now. The focus is currently on Citrix Workspace for Linux and perhaps Gstreamer. This is a major issue for us with over 1000 devices affected. I’d be interested to know more about your environment, what software you are using on your VDIs, etc. PM me with more info if you don’t mind. My original post on this is here but it didn’t really get any replies (apart from the wonderful Seb of course!) 🙂

Ed and Kevin, did you try to switch to a older CWA? There should be 3 different ones in 11.05.100.

There is also a IGEL private build with CWA2103 available..

Hi Fredrik, yes that seems to make no difference. Are you aware of issues with specific versions of Workspace for Linux? Citrix have us testing on the Ubuntu device at the moment.

We’ve tried 20.12 and 19.12. Both versions seem to have the issue, but on 19.12, the only way we were able to recreate it was when playing media through a dvd-rom. 20.12 seems to have a problem with any long term media playback.

@member VDI’s are Windows 10 20H2 Running Office 365 and Microsoft Chromium Edge as the Default Browser. Using Citrix 20.12 as our VDA and use FSLogix 2.9.7654.46150 as our profile delivery method. other than that pretty much a stock build with various windows policies to limit user changes.

Have been testing the “Citrix Base Configuration (HDX Optimized)” settings found in the latest IGEL OS UCC Guide and have had better success so far. On the default settings Streaming doesn’t seem to go longer than one hour without dropping. On optimized settings so far have had a stream go 3+ hours with no drops so far and still counting. We lose a little big of audio clarity since you have to set medium for UDP Audio redirection to work, but it’s better than losing the stream altogether.

Just as a follow up, we deployed the “Citrix Base Configuration (HDX Optimized)” settings to our clients. After checking with some of our users it seemed to have fixed our streaming audio issue since they streamed for over 7 hours without dropping. Also no one has complained about the audio quality drop from high to medium thus far.

@member are you using a netscaler?

No Netscaler. We connect direct either through Citrix Cloud or Receiver.

Hi all, we’ve had reports of the same audio issue on 11.05.100. Does it state somewhere that Audio Bandwidth has to be set to medium for UDP Audio redirection to work? Some users mentioned the lower quality after changing to medium. TIA

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