Suddenly one of our IGEL OS devices is having keyboard input issues

Suddenly one of our machines with IGEL OS is having keyboard input issues. Have tried different keyboards, different USB ports, different keyboard layouts. We’re not having any luck. Main symptoms are certain keys don’t behave as expected, so definitely some sort of mapping issue. Anybody run into something like this?

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What language settings are you using?

English, and all default settings

Does it happen in IGEL OS Locally (like in Firefox) or only in a VDI / RDSH session?

happening locally in the IGEL OS, and carries through to our VDI session

Odd, maybe factory reset it to confirm someone didn’t change a local setting?

user suspects cat sat on keyboard, set off some sort of special key combo? Anyway to revert that without doing a factory reset? User is remote so we don’t have hands-on to easily set him back up

Perhaps you have configured a Hotkey for additional keyboard layout:

If the thinclient behaves differently from the rest, probably the local config-files (“registry”) are stuck in an inconsistent state and synchronising the settings from UMS to the thinclient fails partially. Try a factory reset and reconnect the thinclient back to UMS. This has helped us every time so far in instances where thinclients were configured identically but behaved different from the rest. The easiest way to reset to defaults I found is the command “reset_to_defaults”. Can be run on the thinclient via local Bash or remove via SSH.

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