Suggestions to get a longer battery life with the IGEL OS?

What are some suggestions to get a longer battery life with the IGEL OS? I suspect my configuration is playing a role since I get about the same battery life (approx 4 hours) across different types of endpoints. Where would you start to troubleshoot this issue?

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You could check System > Power options. Screen brightness can affect the battery life quite a lot, and the C.P.U. speed might be related.

I would start here:


Sometimes, Power Plans are also used in Bios.

On a side note, I get about 8 hours of battery life on an H.P. MT45.

@member what power options are you using with your configuration?

The `CPU Power Plan` was set to `Balanced (recommended)`. I just changed the setting to `Power Saver` and noticed +100% improvement.


I didn’t change any of the power settings — except changing the brightness, which has the greatest effect in personal experience on personal laptops. 🙂 I also tweaked the gamma a bit to make it easier on my eyes (slightly more red and less blue).

It’s weird, but now that you mentioned that, I noticed today that I heard my laptop’s fan running, which is very unusual for a thin client (when it’s not offloading, et cetera). Wfica_orig is using 100% (of one core/thread), and it’s definitely reducing the battery life. It just wanted to mention it… I haven’t troubleshot it much yet, so I’m just mentioning it.

Just in case anyone is interested, I was going to reboot my virtual machine (I had already reconnect and rebooted my thin client), so I closed all my programs… once they were all closed (but I was still connected), C.P.U. usage was normal, and it still is. I’ve been reopening things and watching the C.P.U. usage, and it’s been OK so far, and it says that I have 6 hours of battery left (I’ve been using it for a couple hours).

Thanks for the clarification. That’s good to know. I really only set the timeout settings prior to changing the CPU Power Plan. The battery life has been great since making the change.

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